So far, so good

I’ve completed my first full week at the new job, and I’m loving every minute of it. No, really. I can’t remember. The last time I was looking forward to work each day. I’m sure that this feeling will wear off after a while, but while it lasts I plan to wallow in it.

One of the things I’m enjoying is getting up to speed on the application and the industry. Trading is very different from pensions and health and welfare, with a completely new set of concerns. Five minutes outage is an eternity while the market is open, but there is no expectation at all that the application be available 24 x 7 … No pages in the middle of the night, in other words, or frantic calls on weekends.

I may talk some more about the tech in this blog, I haven’t quite decided yet.


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You want to know what manner of man is Joshua, What manner of man, you want to know.... A man of the moment is Joshua, and when the moment leads, there do I go! I live to love, I love to live!
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  1. do bulletin boards count? i remember first using one in high school, late 80’s, with my buddy’s 300 bbs modem on my commodore 64. they had some lame text only games. Click

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